Crash Bandicoot 1

Naughty Dog - Sony Computer Entertainment - 1996

this is the box bit. this is where i talk about the box. this is where my opinions go about subjects such as the box art, the stickers on the box, the languages that my copy might have texts in oon the back of the box and other such topics. this is all information that will go in the box bit. this is it.

this is the bit of the page where i talk about the manual. i love looking at ps1 manuals. i love all of the little renders of in-game models, i love the unnecessarily deep explanations of game mechanics, and the even more unnecessary explanations of how to start up the console. These also often include some really cool art. I love ps1 manuals. this is that part.

in this paragraph i will talk about any extra content, like pamphlets of games coming soon or help phone lines that may be included. Lots of my games have strange little extra things in them.

here is where i'll talk about what i think of the game. Whether i enjoyed playing it, whether i liked looking at it etc. this is the game part of the page.