Lara Adriolo is currently a third year student of Image + Media Technology at the HKU University of the Arts in Utrecht, The Netherlands. She writes, designs and experiments her way through her twenties with the anarchic heart-fire of an adolescent gnat that was struck by lightning. Growing up in rural Limburg during the mid 2000's with the PlayStation 1, early internet access and a substantial amount of undiagnosed neurodivergence, Lara developed a deep appreciation for cult media from the 90's and 2000's, everything loud and ugly really. Her work is often firmly rooted in the aesthetics of her childhood whilst blending with the modern (solar-)punk influences of her current art school environment.

Lara is always looking for young, noisy, experimental artists to hang out and collaborate with!


EXPERIMENTAL SHORT FILM - Stop-motion animation made with a thermal camera. Based around a poem I wrote by the same name.


EXPERIMENTAL SHORT FILM - Made by manipulating paper cutouts whilst scanning them with an office scanner.
Co-created by the amazing Sarah Valovicova.


ANIMATION - (Dutch) An informational video on communication with intellectually disabled people. Made to accompany a research paper on the same topic.

[...] IN A MINUTE (2022-current)

EDITING - An ongoing project where I try to capture the atmosphere of a movie or show I like within one minute to substitute a trailer. Mostly for fun and editing practice.

Alien Head Shit Kid Website Models (2023)

Made to be page links on my website.

NEST (2023)

Comissioned by my dear friend Rob Feather for the release of their album 'Nest'.

LARIO (2023)

Renders of my avatar Lario, mostly made for the website.


AUDIO PLAY - A cosmic horror story wherein the broadcast of a 1950's audio drama gets interrupted by a mysterious supernatural signal.
Co-created with my dear friend Morris Jansen who did the sound design.

This project is currently being remastered! Once it is available it will be linked here.


MUSIC VIDEO - A number of commercials all hosted by the same person start strangely overlapping and eventually collapse in on eachother.
Music by Euroboy ft. Alicia Breton Ferrer.


ART INSTALLATION - Exploring the unconcious desire for security by projecting shapes in 3D space that draw the visitor in, then distorting those shapes.

visuals: Roshan Roeters & Job Ketelaar
music: Tijn Olling & Jonas van Son
lighting: Lyssah Oterdoom & Esther van Leeuwen & Dewi MacDonald


ART INSTALLATION - A piece influenced by movement and travel, taking audio and video footage of public transport as a basis for simulated abstract visuals.

Sound design: Sam Zwart
Visuals: Luna van Veen
Organisation: Sini Ahmadi