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This page is dedicated to all of earth's undercover aliens, so zip out of your human skin and hang out with your squiddly bits out! I go by Lario, and I'm using this site as a central hub for me to info-dump about my interests (mainly 90s / 2000's nostalgic media) as well as to post own professional and non-professional creative endeavours, all in an effort to distance myself from the nihilism and consumerism on modern day social media. I hope you enjoy exploring this site, stay as long as you like!

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22-05-23: New project up on the wips page! Also changed the main page layout again because I'm indecisive :)

28-04-23: Been a while. Launched the movie opinions page !

06-04-23: Launched the project blog aka "what am I working on" aka the wips page. Have a look!

03-04-23: Updated the home page to have a little scrollable display of the latest video projects

02-04-23: Linked up everything at the video page. It's done now, actually for real this time.

01-04-23: Overhauled the layout of the video page again because I still wasn't happy with it. Links don't work just yet.

30-03-23: Finished the layouts of the portfolio page and the misc page though none of the links are working just yet.

27-03-23: Finished the drawings page

26-03-23: Finished the video page (for real this time) and I never want to look at it again.

25-03-23: Overhauled the layout of the home page. Currently replacing the CRT frame on every page because I found one that allows for more space.

23-03-23: Added music to the home page AS WELL AS a button to toggle it on or off which was a nightmare to troubleshoot but in a state of feverish commitment I managed to figure it out. Very very happy.

23-03-23: Added the illustration page! Very happy with how this one turned out :)

22-03-23: Finished the layouts of the video page and the writing page! Contents not entirely filled in though :)

21-03-23: Started work on the portfolio pages. Gotta finish this before I get to the fun stuff. School assignments and such.

20-03-23: Added the about page. Still needs some decoration.

20-03-23: Added a bunch of funky gifs of aliens to the home page. It feels done now.

19-03-23: Pretty much finished the home page, still needs some funky gifs of aliens or something.

18-03-23: Started work on the home page.

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